I want to learn to LOVE cooking. I want to learn to LOVE cleaning. I do LOVE my children, but I want to learn to LOVE them better. I want to learn to LOVE sewing and crafting. I want to learn to LOVE being a stay at home MOM!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beaded watch bands

This weekend my mom decided it was time to do something I’ve been trying to do for a while. Every time I venture into a craft store I look at the beads and contemplate making a beaded watch band. I even bought a sale price watch face, but still haven’t been successful at finishing a band.

So, Monday- with hubby and Dad gone to St. George- Mom and I took the little guys and headed out to find some beads. We hit three different stores and finally found a little package of beads we were happy with (price being most important here…) at Sierra’s. We later discovered that we should’ve tried Scrappin’ Essentials because they have a large selection for very cheap. (We were in Pocatello.)

Nevertheless…. we found some cute beads. Here are my various attempts at combinating beads into a band that I liked.





I took pictures as I went, so I could choose and go back to a certain combination if I wanted. I ended up going with the last one… almost exactly.


My mom’s turned out really awesome!


My cousin Megan, who made them recently for her Mom and Mother-in-Law for Mother’s day, was there and kind of showed us how to do it. We still had to experiment with tying the string off and various parts… but it really wasn’t that hard.

I think I’ll definitely be making more! Especially if I can find more cheap faces to use as gifts!



Here’s my finished product! I had left my watch face home (since I didn’t know we would be doing this!) and was bummed because I thought the battery was dead. But when I got it out this morning and attached it, I realized it was working like a charm!