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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine’s Rag Wreath

I decided it was time to take the Christmas wreath down. Only problem: I didn’t have anything to replace it. Unless I wanted to use the pumpkin… which I didn’t!

So, I made a Valentine’s rag wreath!


It was rather easy. I took an old coat hanger, cut it, bent it like a heart and tied rags around it! My friend came over and we made one together while our kids fought played.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. And it was tons of fun making it with a friend, as opposed to by myself!



Also, the other day, the boys and I did some painting!


They painted blocks of wood… while I painted this:


It’s an old rack thing that I got at a yard sale, or from my mom, a while ago. It hangs in the boys’ room (they share a room now…) and they put their coats and jackets on it.

I was grappling for something to do, and figured adding some color would be a fun, quick project.


And, of course, the boys’ art:



Christopher managed to cover every single inch of his block. Caleb, managed to cover his clothes and some of the table!



And, the finished product:



Next on my list of projects: sweater boots… from these:



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