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Monday, February 14, 2011

Breast Cancer Quilt

I never posted this! I can’t believe it! I made this quilt last year… finishing in December, for my mom! She celebrated 10 years cancer free at the end of November, and we had a Pink Party at Christmas time, to celebrate!




I found this cute quilt, and decided to go along these lines… however, it quickly got twisted, and became my own design! I was very happy with it, and Mom loved it!

viney flowers stripes

I especially loved the extra flowers that I added- that I learned how to make at a Relief Society activity. For the party, I made a bunch of these, and put them on pins and hair clips for everybody to have one.




For the party, my sister used iron on paper to make t-shirts for all the boys, and my mom, and herself. (I just bought a cheap pink shirt from Wal-Mart…) She also made a movie with pictures from the past decade of my mom’s life- things she didn’t miss because she beat cancer!

Something I learned from doing the quilt- check front and back often when machine quilting! :) I made a nice big pucker! Oh well… the front is cute enough that nobody will ever see that part!

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  1. That quilt is beautiful! I'm impressed you had time to make it!