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Friday, February 10, 2012

Burlap Wreath

My wall was bare. I took down family photos, in anticipation of putting our house on the market. I hated it. It needed something…

So I made this:


It’s not exactly the best thing to go on the wall (family  pictures are always way better…) but I like it.


It was easy to make. I had seen a few pictures like it, but figured it out myself. I didn’t even go to any other blog, or tutorial to make it.

Cut the burlap into strips. Unwind a wire hanger (make sure it’s a flimsy one, that works much easier.) Poke the burlap through the hanger, and fold it back and forth…

I glued some little dots of hot glue in between the burlap in some different spots, so that the burlap wouldn’t all fall to the bottom of the wreath.

The flower is just a rectangle of fabric (green burlap in my case.) Fold it over onto itself and do a basic stitch by hand, then pull the thread tight. Sew it closed when it’s how you like it.


I think I like it better on the door…

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