I want to learn to LOVE cooking. I want to learn to LOVE cleaning. I do LOVE my children, but I want to learn to LOVE them better. I want to learn to LOVE sewing and crafting. I want to learn to LOVE being a stay at home MOM!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pac Man Easter Eggs


Wouldn’t these be fun to make with your kids in anticipation of Easter? I had fun with my son. He’s only 2, but he helped me make these.

All you need is some Easter eggs, popsicle sticks (cut in half) buttons and glue. I used hot glue- because I got a new glue gun, but other glue will work too.





It’s as easy as it looks. Glue the sticks on first, making sure to center your egg so that the hinge is in the back.


Then, choose your accessories and glue them on too.



The Alien guy is the one Christopher made. Cute huh?

You can even make a whole family! Very fun once you put candy in their mouths. (The trick is keeping the candy there…)


Have fun, and Happy Easter!

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