I want to learn to LOVE cooking. I want to learn to LOVE cleaning. I do LOVE my children, but I want to learn to LOVE them better. I want to learn to LOVE sewing and crafting. I want to learn to LOVE being a stay at home MOM!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can I really call this Crafty?


I decided it was time to do something. I’ve been a lazy bum this week, and so I looked online at various tutorials and decided to try something. So, take one too big and frumpy-ish red shirt-


Plus, one pair of old-hole-in-the-bottom pajama pants and you get-

Not this! This is what I was going for. I found it here.

But, alas. It did not turn out good at all- so, add an old black T-shirt, and it became-


Something I promise- I will NEVER wear, unless I want to be a joker for Halloween. I had a brave vision, tried it, and failed miserably!

Oh, well! Now I have something new for my dress up box, and I kept busy today. Don’t ask what my house looks like or what’s for dinner though!

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