I want to learn to LOVE cooking. I want to learn to LOVE cleaning. I do LOVE my children, but I want to learn to LOVE them better. I want to learn to LOVE sewing and crafting. I want to learn to LOVE being a stay at home MOM!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ribbon Dancer

I like to dance for exercise.

Christopher usually just watches cartoons while I dance. Boring! I try to get him to join me, but he just looks at me like I’m a lunatic. I suppose I probably am.

But, we had a lot of wrapping ribbon, that got messed up, so we decided to make a ribbon dancer wand. Hey, maybe Christopher will join me now?


Using an old paint stirrer stick, just cut ribbon, tape it on and curl it with scissors.

This was great for Christopher. He loves cutting- so he got to cut the ribbon. He helped tape it on and I curled it!




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